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WAD Investigator of the Year awarded...

This really caught me off guard - honored to be named 2023 Investigator of the Year at the 98th Annual Conference of the World Association of Detectives in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. I had the mistaken impression the winners were informed beforehand, so when the dinner came, I was well into some fine red wine when I heard the words "investigator from Boston" and "also a writer". Fixed my tie and cleaned up quick.

Thank you to WAD for recognizing investigators like me working on wrongful convictions. Exonerees like Raymond Gaines and others inspire us all! Keep working, keep dreaming, keep fighting...

And I should add that the tremendous outcome was also due to fine work by staff investigator Jill Vaglica. Innocence cases are successful when you work as a team.

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Breaking news - Worcester Superior Court - Hit on a DNA sample in 1979 murder case,

Breaking news - Worcester Superior Court: Hit on a DNA sample in 1979 murder case. The New England Innocence Project, assisted by investigators at Nardizzi & Associates Inc., announced Friday they are seeking Gary Cifizzari’s release pending a new trial after DNA evidence linked a deceased Rhode Island man to the murder of Constance Schiappa in 1979.

DNA matched that of Michael J. Giroux, an Army veteran who was drinking at a bar just minutes away from Schiappa's apartment in downtown Milford on the night of the murder. Nardizzi's investigation revealed that Giroux went on to lead a life of deceit— a bank robber and conman who committed crimes throughout his life, including murder, armed robbery, and who stole money from friends and family. Moreover, Giroux was also a State Police and FBI informant. He was interviewed by police just days after the murder of Mrs. Schiappa. Police missed signs of Giroux's culpability and instead focused on the Cifizzari brothers, Gary and Michael.

What does a PI do on a DNA case?

The Gary Cifizzari case is one of the most satisfying professionally speaking. An innocent man goes free at last. Got lots of queries about what a PI does on a DNA case... Interviews— cases are about storytelling. Put flesh & bones on the real killer— he was at the scene, knew victim, long history of uncontrollable violence. A life of deception.

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Interview - Favorite Detective Stories - early days in the PI biz, wrongful convictions, creativity, con men.

John Nardizzi speaks with host John Hoda @
My Favorite Detectives Stories about early days in the investigations business, wrongful convictions, creativity. And con men.

Why Words Matter: Good Intel, Bad Reports, Ugly Outcomes

The chief and worse aspect of CIA writing is the failure to let words say what they have to say, to use simple words and let them alone.” Lessons from the CIA’s classified guide to good writing

The Law and Science of Eyewitness Identification

I summarized some key points for investigators in a piece for
PURSUIT MAGAZINE on the new scientific studies being done in the field of eyewitness identification and memory.

Below are links to case law, scientific studies and law enforcement training guides and videos. Most of this collection was put together by the organizers of the National Symposium on Eyewitness Identification Reform held at Yale Law School, which I was fortunate to attend in July 2016.

- John Nardizzi

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