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Private colleges, cross examination and sexual misconduct investigations

To meet standard of “basic fairness” under state law, do private colleges have to provide opportunity for cross examination as part of a sexual misconduct investigation?

The 1st Circuit held: NO - Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has made it clear [Schaer v. Brandeis in 2000] that private colleges are not required to comply with federal due process to provide basic fairness to students in disciplinary investigations such as an opportunity to cross examine witnesses. Judge Lynch wrote: "BC is not a public university or a government actor and is not subject to due process requirements.”

It is over: Murder charges dropped on Cifizzari case

It is over. Murder charge were dropped against Gary Cifizzari in killing of his 75-year-old great-aunt in Milford 40 years ago. Thank you to all the people who cooperated in the investigation to clear our client’s name - 35 years later.

Incredible night: client & friend Victor Rosario shared his story of surviving 32 years in prison

Incredible night at NEIP fundraiser: client & friend Victor Rosario shared his story of surviving 32 years in prison as an innocent man. His body was captive behind a wall, but his mind was free to go beyond the wall. Strongest man I know.

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John Nardizzi presented at WAD 94th Annual Conference Stockholm Sweden

John Nardizzi spoke about wrongful convictions at the World Association of Detectives 94th Annual Conference in Stockholm, Sweden. Headcount of raucous crowd shows Mr. Nardizzi outdrew ABBA tribute band.

Breaking up is never easy, I know, But I have to go
Knowing me, knowing you It's the best I can do…"


What does a PI do on a DNA case?

The Gary Cifizzari case is one of the most satisfying professionally speaking. An innocent man goes free at last. Got lots of queries about what a PI does on a DNA case... Interviews— cases are about storytelling. Put flesh & bones on the real killer— he was at the scene, knew victim, long history of uncontrollable violence. A life of deception.

Cifizzari press conf

Breaking news - Worcester Superior Court - Hit on a DNA sample in 1979 murder case,

Breaking news - Worcester Superior Court: Hit on a DNA sample in 1979 murder case. The New England Innocence Project, assisted by investigators at Nardizzi & Associates Inc., announced Friday they are seeking Gary Cifizzari’s release pending a new trial after DNA evidence linked a deceased Rhode Island man to the murder of Constance Schiappa in 1979.

DNA matched that of Michael J. Giroux, an Army veteran who was drinking at a bar just minutes away from Schiappa's apartment in downtown Milford on the night of the murder. Nardizzi's investigation revealed that Giroux went on to lead a life of deceit— a bank robber and conman who committed crimes throughout his life, including murder, armed robbery, and who stole money from friends and family. Moreover, Giroux was also a State Police and FBI informant. He was interviewed by police just days after the murder of Mrs. Schiappa. Police missed signs of Giroux's culpability and instead focused on the Cifizzari brothers, Gary and Michael.

Talk with exonerated client Victor Rosario - Nahant Library

Enjoy the film "Shawshank Redemption"? Come hear the story of Victor Rosario, an innocent man who spent over 3 decades in prison after being convicted of arson in 1983. Victor will be speaking with his wife Beverly Rosario, his attorney Andrea Petersen, and his PI (me) on Sat. March 30, 4 PM.

Nahant Forum, Victor Rosario, 3-30-19

Thank you to Sleuthfest 2019 for having me on crime fiction panels!

Sleuthfest rocked the house. Great panels; the organizers made everyone feel welcome. Flawless ... Toured Miami last night to complete pinot noir vibe ...

The Goodell Detective Agency: Why the NFL Botches Investigations

The Goodell Detective Agency: Why the NFL Botches Investigations featured in Pursuit Magazine

"Goodell often trumpets the hiring of retired law enforcement agents and prosecutors with fancy titles to investigate on behalf of the league. But once defanged of the powers they had as law enforcement (the ability to issue subpoenas), these former agents have proved inept at obtaining information that more creative investigative reporters seem to obtain on a regular basis. Information, after all, is usually the first line of defense….

Like a footballing Clouseau, the lead detective—Goodell—takes the hits and makes us laugh while the bloated billion-dollar empire rolls on, heedless of the damage left in its wake."