"[We were] contracted to provide investigative services for the defense legal team who was representing a client accused of a serious criminal offense. It was a very high profile case and had the attention of the international news media. Recognizing that the assistance of a Massachusetts-based private investigative firm was critical to the investigation of this case, Overwatch Assets Investigations contracted the services of Nardizzi and Associates.

Mr. Nardizzi and his associate investigators provided immediate assistance. Their outstanding investigative skill sets contributed greatly to the successful conclusion of the case, bringing justice to a client who had been wrongly accused of a crime. Overwatch Assets Investigations is deeply grateful for the assistance and investigative savvy provided by Mr. Nardizzi and his group."

- Stanley Cochran, Overwatch Assets Investigations

"When John leads the investigation, we win cases. His drive, passion, and experience are unmatched. His legal education gives him an edge in understanding the nuances of a case and directing his staff of researchers. Easy to talk about being the best, striving for excellence. But only few reach that peak. Simply put, you can't do any better than John Nardizzi. "

- Jack Cunha
Partner, Cunha & Holcomb LLP

"John and his team played an integral role in all aspects of our fact investigations . . . I would not put a significant investigative matter in anyone else's hands."

Congress st
- Robert Feldman, Esq.,
Trustee, The New England Innocence Project;
Counsel for Dennis Maher, Kenneth Waters and J. Scott Hornoff

"Diligent. Thorough. Reliable. I rely on John in all of my criminal and civil rights cases."

- Myong Joun, Esq.

"Once again, thank you for your assistance and being there for me.You have been a tremendous help and I remain most appreciative."

- Lisa, private client

"Your firm approached the job with intelligence, great efficiency, and quickly found the records. You accomplished in a very short period of time what I feared might take many weeks or even months . . . One of the things I especially appreciate was that you kept in close and frequent contact with me. This was tremendously reassuring to me (especially given my distance from Boston) and something I am very grateful for."

- Jeffrey L. Elman
Dean of Social Sciences --Univ. of California-San Diego
Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science

"I hired the firm of Nardizzi & Associates to help in the investigation of overturning a wrongful conviction. The work was done professionally and carefully, and I definitely recommend to others.
- Dick Blanchard Advocates for Wrongfully Convicted

"John, I'll look forward to the details and again I really thank you so much for sending this to me on what I'm sure is a busy day for you and before the weekend. I always devour your emails -- love getting this information!!"

- Monique, private client

"John is superbly skilled at locating difficult-to-find witnesses and gaining their cooperation via informal interviews. His ability to develop information through interviews and research is second to none."

- Jason Brush, Esq., Counsel for SBLI Inc.

"I have found Mr. Nardizzi to be superior to any of his peers with whom I have worked. He is the utmost professional, has been extremely diligent, and reliable. His firm has accomplished all assignments in a timely manner and with superior quality."

- Sol Cohen, Partner, Cohen & Sales