NARDIZZI & ASSOCIATES, INC. is one of few investigative firms with documented experience investigating complex cases. The Boston, Massachusetts based private investigations firm has garnered a reputation for imaginative, ethical approaches to gathering intelligence, and clear, concise reporting.

Clients who use our services include law firms, financial institutions, corporations, insurers. And of course, just regular people in need of help. Our network of professional investigators has been developed from the best sources available from the World Association of Detectives so that international investigations are undertaken efficiently and completed with the same level of detail clients in the USA have come to know.

The firm was founded by attorney John F. Nardizzi. He is a leader in the high-end investigative market, and founded a firm to provide the best investigative services possible--
elite, ethical service without the bureaucracy of large security firms. Honored for his many years of work in the industry, John won the Arc of Justice Award from the New England Innocence Project and the 2023 Investigator of the Year from the World Association of Detectives.

Clients need to make sure all potential cards are in play—and also know what the other side is holding. From
witness interviews to surveillance to (often overlooked) public records research and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques, we have experience investigating matters in various settings, from American Indian reservations in the Pacific Northwest to Carribean islands, from the streets of Roxbury to quiet offices of corporations, or the rough and tumble world of an industrial plant.

Investigative reports are published with a strict eye for
accuracy and readability. Timeliness is always a priority. In times of trial, we communicate constantly with counsel to keep you prepared for all aspects of trial.

Nardizzi & Associates is known not just for what we do, but what we won’t do. We will not drag clients into a second lawsuit due to sloppy or unethical practices. We will not search for assets in a way that violates applicable laws. Any tactic that is legal but possibly has public relations ramifications will be discussed with the client beforehand.
Knowledge is the awareness of something missing
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Notable Investigations

Investigations (including plaintiff, defense, and neutral party) of sexual assault, sexual harassment and other misconduct in the world of business, higher education and entertainment. We routinely work on cases at all major Boston universities including Harvard, Boston University, Northeastern and many others.

Most recently, we were part of the defense team whose work led to sexual assault charges against actor Kevin Spacey being dropped in Nantucket.

Background due diligence for clients in investment banking, private equity, manufacturing and health care industries.

Investigations on behalf of innocent people wrongfully convicted of crimes. Most recently, our investigation into a brutal 1979 rape-murder case resulted in the exoneration of our client Gary Cifizzari. Our exhaustive investigation developed the true history of the real culprit, a long-time police informant and career criminal.

On April 16, 2020, our investigation into a 41 year old murder case resulted in the exoneration of James Watson. His case revolved around the use of a hypnotized witness, the discovery of an expert report condemning such use, and documenting abusive police tactics used to break down a key trial witness.

Asset research for law firms looking to secure judgments against business owners in a series of wage and hour cases in Massachusetts. We also have worked in leading labor cases involving Uber, FedEx and other companies accused in class actions of wage violations.

Defense investigations for doctors and other professionals accused of malpractice.

How can we help?

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Background Due Diligence: Do you really know your partners? What about adversaries? We find what lies below the surface.
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Rule of law: in a time of Civil and Criminal Trials, never go halfway on your opponent. Let 'em have it—both barrels. 🥊🥊
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Internal Investigations: It's a different era. Don't be a dinosaur—workplace harassment will cost you.
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Cold Cases & Unusual Projects: Some cases defy description. Need to clear title on a deed from 1921? Looking for a witness to a suspicious death from the 1960s? We've done it.
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Testimonials: "I would not put a significant investigative matter in anyone else's hands." . . . "I have found Mr. Nardizzi to be superior to any of his peers with whom I have worked" . . . "outstanding investigative skill sets" . . .
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