Internal investigations

Sexual harassment scandals and stock market crashes can shake a business to its core. What are the questions you should be asking about your current business associates?  

Companies face many issues that call for an inquiry by a neutral third party. Nardizzi & Associates uncovers patterns of sexual misconductembezzlement and fraud, whether by employees or vendors.  In addition, the firm routinely investigates internal business disputes that might otherwise embroil a company in costly litigation.  Most critically, Nardizzi & Associates is retained to uncover theft of valuable intellectual property assets that can be passed on discreetly via electronic media.

• Workplace disputes (sexual harassment, violent incidents)
Intellectual property matters (theft of trade secrets / infringement)

• Industrial espionage
• Counterfeiting / gray market activity

• Kickback schemes
• Money laundering

• Antitrust allegations

• Employee/contractor fraud


• Embezzlement: A Fortune 500 firm filed for bankruptcy after a decades-long embezzlement scheme left the firm buried in debt.  An investigation revealed numerous real property holdings and cash flow opportunities being held by business entities set up by the embezzlers.  The firm was able to recover cash and property assets, avoid shareholder suits, and resume business with a new operating team. 

• Workplace harassment: A workplace was disrupted by allegations of sexual harassment. Tension was high among employees. Interviews with numerous employees clarified various events and allowed management to discipline several workers, institute clearer workplace guidelines, and avoid litigation.