Whether it be investigating complex litigation or vetting a potential deal, Nardizzi & Associates has experience utilizing classic investigative techniques—
witness interviewing, public records research, surveillance—as well as cutting-edge OSINT database and forensic technologies. Over the years, the firm has developed special expertise in the following areas:

We handle on a regular basis all sorts of forensic examinations (computers, cell phones, email tracing, DNA testing).

What We Do . . . Why We're Different


We believe clients want the same thing from investigators that they want from all their employees and partners: open communication, ethical resolve, and elite work product. Too often, scandals involving the improper use of private investigators (Hewlett-Packard; Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World) have raised concerns in the corporate and legal communities. We want to remove the cloak of secrecy that too often obscures what investigators really do.

Investigators gather facts that otherwise would remain buried. Sometimes, the facts lay in an open but obscure public records database. Other times, we use expensive, tailor-made databases to help locate a witness about whom we know only that he lived at 850 Jones Street in San Francisco in 1985.

Locating and interviewing witnesses is perhaps the most common task we undertake, and one in which Nardizzi & Associates has developed special expertise. Rather than simply take depositions of every possible witness, clients request that we interview witnesses in a less formal setting. Interviewing can save time for both lawyers and witnesses. Interviews can also assist in sorting through witnesses who are immaterial to the case.

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