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Prison or palace: reprogramming your mind & spirit

This week I was listening to a podcast by one of my clients, the fine gentleman Victor Rosario, who spent 35 years in prison before he was exonerated. Victor is a religious man.  In his recent podcast at Mass Exoneration, he says something profound that I must have listened to eight times. Victor knew he was innocent and refused to accept the concept of a 'prison':

"Words are powerful. One word can get you high, and one word can destroy you. Then when I found out that one word can destroy me — that word was prisoner — no accepting prison in my body, no accepting prison in my mind. And I was a free man. I walked inside the prison system as a free man … knowing that one day I gonna be free.

Every time that I go into the church, every time that I go to a school, every time that I go anywhere I go, I walk as a free man. I never accepting the word prisoner in me. Never. Never accepting that. That’s not me. That’s somebody else not me. No, you gonna die in prison. Who gonna die in prison? You? Not me. I’m not going to die in prison, are you crazy?"

Gives me chills; what a way to reprogram your mind. Here is the link to his