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Judge tosses out Raymond Gaines' 1976 murder conviction...

This one came unexpectedly at the end of December, and we are trilled to see Ray Gaines out and about Boston (and shopping at the same hat shop as the owner of this PI firm). Ray's case involves a critical and disturbing juncture of Boston.

Gaines was sentenced to life in prison for the 1974 armed robbery and murder of Peter Sulfaro, the owner of a shoe repair shop in Roxbury. The defense investigation showed the witness identification of Gaines was "...the result of unduly suggestive police procedures". Errors included multiple viewings of photo arrays; police telling a witness he "picked the wrong people" - and then showing the same array with only the new suspects added. Newly discovered Brady material including Boston police records showing Det. Peter O'Malley arrested "drug shooting gallery" operator David Bass even while securing Bass's false affidavit (Bass faced criminal charges even while testifying against Gaines). Bass himself later recanted his testimony against Gaines in 1990. "The Commonwealth did not disclose the Bass affidavit for nearly 30 years--despite its obligation to do so."