The Team

John Nardizzi, Founder & Director

John F. Nardizzi is an investigator, lawyer and writer. He is a pioneer in investigating wrongful convictions and developing information on decades-old cases. He has published articles for Pursuit Magazine, PI Magazine, Lawyers Weekly, and writes and speaks frequently about the investigations industry, including presentations at MCLE, the Boston Bar Association, World Association of Detectives and many others. Nardizzi is admitted to the State Bar of California, as well as the federal courts of the 9th Circuit. 

Throughout his career, Nardizzi has demonstrated an outstanding ability to manage complex investigations and sift through dense fact patterns. He is skilled at interviewing witnesses in every setting imaginable. He has interviewed CEOs, gang members, police officers, mid-level managers, members of a California television set.

In 2003, he founded Nardizzi & Assocs., Inc., a private detective agency in Boston. His investigations on behalf of people wrongfully convicted of crimes led to million dollar settlements for clients like Dennis Maher, Scott Hornoff, and the estate of Kenneth Waters, whose story was featured in the 2010 film

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