NARDIZZI & ASSOCIATES, INC. is one of few investigative firms with documented experience investigating complex cases.  The Boston, Massachusetts based private investigations firm has garnered a reputation for imaginative, ethical approaches to gathering intelligence, and clear, concise reporting.

Clients who use our services include
law firms, financial institutions, corporations, insurers. And of course, just regular people in need of help. Our international network of professional investigators runs worldwide so that international investigations are undertaken efficiently and completed with the same level of detail clients in the USA have come to know.
The firm was founded by attorney John F. Nardizzi.  He is a pioneer in investigating wrongful convictions and developing information on decades-old cases. He has published articles for Pursuit Magazine, PI Magazine, Lawyers Weekly, and writes and speaks frequently about the investigations industry. Nardizzi is admitted to the State Bar of California, as well as the federal courts of the 9th Circuit.  As a leader in the high-end investigative market, he formed a private investigations firm to provide the best investigative services possible--elite, ethical service without the bureaucracy of large security firms.

Clients need to make sure all potential cards are in play--and also know what the other side is holding. We have experience investigating cases in various settings, from Native American reservations in the Pacific Northwest to the streets of Roxbury, from the quiet offices of corporations to the rough and tumble world of a construction site. We have interviewed CEOs, gang members, police officers, mid-level managers, members of a California television set.

Investigative reports are published with a strict eye for accuracy and readability. Timeliness is always a priority. In times of trial, we communicate constantly with counsel to keep you prepared for all aspects of trial.

Nardizzi & Associates is known not just for what we do, but what we won’t do. We will not drag clients into a second lawsuit due to sloppy practices. We will not search for assets in a way that violates applicable laws. Any tactic that is legal but possibly has public relations ramifications will be discussed with the client beforehand.

Nardizzi Investigations


  • asset research for law firms looking to secure judgments against business owners in a series of wage and hour cases in Massachusetts.

  • defense investigations for doctors and other professionals accused of malpractice.